Let’s Go! The countdown is on I have an unconditional offer to start adult nursing in September. 4 months away. Well honestly more like 5, as freshers week is the 10th of September, 140 days away. My problem at the moment is what to do with myself, unlike my younger nurse to be’s I don’t have the typical exam season, I am not currently hitting the books. Although I think maybe I should? Should i break out my old notes, the ones I had a campfire for, over 5 years ago. I have been out of education for a year, will it impact me? or is it just like riding a bike?

I am currently working in healthcare, that experience is definitely going to help. I still just want to scream at the world to just hurry up, I am eager to start. I suppose the main problem I have I am in limbo until further notice. This limbo is not just with my professional life, but it is extending over  into my private life, I just keep putting everything off until September but will I look back and think those 5 months were wasted? I certainly hope not and that is why at 6:27pm on Sunday 23rd April 2017 I am pledging to not waste 5 months and delete the saying i’ll do it later from my vocabulary.

Much Love,

A nurse to be



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